Bandette 9! New Urchin Story from Tobin & Farris!

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TODAY! Bandette #9!

That’s right, y’all! Digital episode number nine of Bandette is available in right now on Comixology for 99¢!

When Bandette faces the combined evil of the crime lord Absinthe and his agent of death, Il Tredici, who will stand by her side? And, with his nefarious organization FINIS on the brink of collapse, to what desperate lengths will Absinthe go in his bid for revenge? Plus, when the results of the contest between Bandette and Monsieur are tallied, who will be finally crowned The Greatest Thief In The World?

As ever, all the previous episodes are also available for the same 99¢ price on Comixology, published by Monkeybrain Comics! What other fine, creator-owned comic book products does Monkeybrain have on offer through Comixology? I encourage you to go have yourself a look-see!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.41.49 PMIf you prefer a print-to-eyeball reading experience, you may choose to get your mitts on the hardbound Bandette Volume One: Presto!, which is available in stores and online everywhere! And while you’re at it, you could PRE-ORDER Bandette Volume Two: Stealers, Keepers!, which is scheduled for April 23!


Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.46.18 PMALSO TODAY! Free new Urchin Story!

A new, three-page story featuring Lt. Heloise Price! Today’s Urchin Story is written by Paul Tobin, and drawn by Cat Farris! Cat is the artist of Emily and the Strangers Volume 2: Breaking the Record, and the creator of the mini comic series “Flaccid Badger”, and “Frog Song”. Her web comic The Last Diplomat is supported by Patreon, so if you like it, express your opinion with money!

As always, you can read ALL the Urchin Stories, by a variety of terrific artists, HERE. Like Cat, many of those artists are supporting their own work through Patreon. If you enjoy their work on the Urchin stories, please consider becoming a patron! Link to their Patreon pages, below!

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