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BANDETTE FIVE! Also: A New Urchin Story by Tobin & Gerads!

Bandette_5_coverwebAvailable from Comixology TODAY! (And every day for the rest of time!) It’s Bandette number FIVE!!! Check out a preview of this and fellow Monkeybrain Comics title Skybreaker (third issue also available today) HERE.

Buy Bandette HERE!

Did you know that Comixology now has SUBSCRIPTIONS? I know, right? I’ve subscribed to several comics, including Batman 66 by my homies Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case! Why don’t you go ahead and subscribe to Bandette?


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MEANWHILE, there is yet another Urchin Story up on the Monkeybrain Comics site! Matadori stars in “The Bite Of The Blade” by Paul Tobin and Mitch Gerads!!

If you’ve missed any of them, be sure to see all the previous Urchin Stories HERE.


FINALLY, I’ll be going down to San Diego for the old comic book get-together next week, and yes, I am nervous about the Eisner Awards! But I’m super-pumped, too! In addition to the award ceremony Friday evening, I’ll be appearing at the following events:

Thursday, July 18 • 8pm – 9pm: Monkeybrain Comics Anniversary Celebration. Room 28DE.

Friday, July 19 • 1pm – 2pm: Bandette signing at Dark Horse Comics. 2615 in the Exhibiter’s Hall.





BIG NEWS! Bandette coming to PRINT!

Bandette #1It’s official! The first five issues of Bandette are being collected into a spiffy hard-cover BOOK by Dark Horse Comics! The actual ship date has not yet been released, but is November 6: it will be pretty, and it will include a number of the extra Urchin Stories, and a new prose story written by Paul with illustrations by me, and other goodies!

Comics Alliance has a sneak peek!


For Your Consideration: BANDETTE

Bandette #1As you may have already heard, Bandette has been nominated for four Eisners this year! The voting is now open to comics industry professionals. If you are eligible, your support would be appreciated. There is a deep pool of brilliant comics in the running this year, and people are gonna have to make some tough choices! If you haven’t read Bandette yet, the first issue is available for free from Comixology during the voting period, so if you want to make an informed decision before filling your ballot, go HERE and give it a read!

Bandette is nominated for:
  • Best New Series
  • Best Digital Series
  • Best Penciller/Inker
  • Best Coloring

There are a lot of other great comics nominated, too! In particular, Cow Boy for Best Publication for kids and No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics for Best Anthology. Both are worthy publications, deserving recognition. There are many, many others, but I just wanted to mention those two.

To be eligible to vote, you must be one of the following:

  • Comic book/graphic novel/webcomic creator (writer, artist, cartoonist, penciller, inker, letterer, colorist)
  • A nominee in any category
  • Comic book/graphic novel publisher or editor
  • Comics historian or educator
  • Graphic novel librarian
  • Owner or manager of comic book specialty retail store

The following are NOT eligible:

  • Comics press or reviewers (unless they are nominees)
  • Non-creative publisher staff members (PR, marketing, assistants, etc.)
  • Readers and the general public

Bandette #3 cover artFor more information go to the Eisner Awards FAQ page.

To vote, go HERE, get registered, and get voting! If you decide you want to change or add to your votes later, you can do so by logging in again. So don’t wait around trying to make the perfect choice  until you forget all about it and end up waiting too long!

Just being given the nod in the Eisners is an honor and a thrill for both me and Paul. If we win one of the awards we’ve been nominated for, it would be great. But no matter what happens at the awards presentation in July, we couldn’t be more proud of Bandette, and we would like to thank everyone who loves her the way we do. Thank you.

Monday BANDETTE Warm-up Sketch: Absinthe


Don’t forget! In celebration of receiving four Eisner Award nominations, Bandette #1 is FREE on Comixology until the night of the awards ceremony!

Bandette Issue 4 Now LIVE! Bandette Issue 1 FREE!

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.48.24 AMNOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AND READING!

Battle in the midnight gloom of the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery! Bandette, the world’s greatest thief, accepts a challenge to duel the deadly assassin Matadori! But unknown to either light-footed combatant, the criminal organization FINIS is maneuvering to make sure Bandette suffers a fatal defeat! Can Bandette avoid falling prey to their schemes? Meanwhile, who is the mysterious figure lurking amid the tombstones, and what plot does she have in store for Bandette’s rival in larceny, Monsieur?

Bandette #1And just in case you know someone who still hasn’t read Bandette, in celebration of being nominated for FOUR EISNER AWARDS, Monkeybrain Comics and Comixology are making the first issue FREE until the night of the awards ceremony!


Speaking of FREE, don’t  forget to read all the bonus Urchin Stories now up on Monkeybrain’s web site, and check back in the future for more guest artist goodness!

That’s FOUR issues of Bandette, PLUS the Urchin Stories, all available NOW for a grand total of…

Three bucks.



YESBest New Series: Bandette, by Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover (Monkeybrain)

Best Penciller/Inker: Colleen Coover, Bandette (Monkeybrain)

Best Coloring: Colleen Coover, Bandette (Monkeybrain)

Best Digital Comic: Bandette, by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover (Monkeybrain)

Complete list of nominees HERE!


PREVIEW! Bandette 4 Goes Live Wednesday!

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.48.24 AM

With the release of Bandette #4 imminent, CBR’s Robot Six Cheat Sheet has several pages up for preview!

Like what you see? The issue is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER on Comixology for the everyday low price of 99 cents! And of course, the first three issues are always in stock, so if you’re haven’t read all the adventures of the world’s greatest thief, you can get caught up with the click of a button!

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.47.51 AM


FREE! A new Bandette URCHIN STORY by Tobin & Alburquerque!

Announcing! The fifth bonus Bandette: Urchin Stories!

The mysterious Monsieur is the star of: “The Mystery of Monsieur!” written by Paul Tobin and drawn by the pride of Madrid, artist Alberto J. Alburquerque!

This free new strip is up and ready to read at! Also be sure to read the previous Urchin Stories!

Friday Sketch: Benny

bennyI recently got my hands on the new Manga Studio 5 software, and Benny here is the first dip of my toe into its waters. There are definitely some interesting new features, especially the color tools! It’s going to take some getting used to before I feel comfortable diving in.


FREE! A new Bandette URCHIN STORY by Tobin & Meyer!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.07.36 AM

TODAY! The fourth bonus Bandette: Urchin Stories!

Bandette’s beloved Chihuahua Pimento is the star in “GoodBoy” written by Paul Tobin and drawn by the (stupefyingly good artist) 2013 Spectrum Award finalist Jennifer L. Meyer!!

This free new strip is up and ready to read at! Also be sure to read the previous Urchin Stories!

FREE! A new Bandette URCHIN STORY by Tobin & Case!

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.34.59 AMTODAY! The third bonus Bandette: Urchin Stories!

The Three Ballerinas star in “The Call” written by Paul Tobin and drawn by Jonathan Case, creator of of Dear Creature and artist for The Green River Killer and The Creep!

This free new strip is up and just waiting for you to read it at! Also be sure to read the other two Urchin Stories, “Signs”, with art by Steve Lieber, and “A Hint From Heloise”drawn by Tina Kim!

Emerald City 2013 Sketch Preorders Available NOW!



A color pre-order sketch from Heroes Con 2012

I’m taking con sketch pre-orders for Emerald City Comic-Con!

Pre-order for sketches with a single character are 8.5″x11″, $90 for color, $60 for black & white/gray.

At the show, $60 black & white sketches will be 6″x9″, color not available. So there is a definite advantage to ordering in advance!

Write to request a sketch at colleencoovermarket {at} gmail {dot} com, and we’ll arrange payment there. Fictional characters, only, please! (Characters from non-comics media like TV, video games, etc. are fine!)

I’ll be tabling with all my homies from Periscope Studio this year, so come by and see me there!