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Gingerbread Girl

by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover

There are plenty of established facts concerning 26-year-old Annah Billips. She likes sushi and mountains, but hates paper cuts and beer breath. She dates girls and boys, and loves to travel. She may have a missing sister, or she might be insane. Did Annah invent an imaginary sister named Ginger during her parents’ ferocious divorce, or did her mad scientist father extract part of her brain and transform it into a living twin? In this graphic novel, a host of narrators including boyfriends, girlfriends, magicians, pigeons, bulldogs and convenience store clerks follow Annah through a night in her life in an attempt to determine that one last fact about Annah…and the Gingerbread Girl. — a 112-page deluxe flexicover graphic novel, 6.5″ x 8″

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In anticipation of the publication, the entire book will be available in serialized installments on Top Shelf 2.0, beginning Friday, January 21.