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TODAY: Fantastic Four Giant Size Adventures #1

Cover art by Dvaid Williams

Cover art by David Williams

TODAY! The giant-size book with the giant-size title hits the stands. Written by Paul Tobin, it puts the lid on his run as writer of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four.

InvisibleFor this occasion, he teamed up with fellow Periscope Studio members Rich Ellis for a flashback sequence in the main story, Dustin Weaver for a brilliantly executed homage to HergĂ©’s Tin Tin, and me for a story starring the Invisible Woman and Misty Knight. The main body of the art is by Spaniard Vicente Cifuentes, the only interior creator not a member of the studio. I don’t even know how many pages this sucker has; that’s how giant it is!

1 Comment on “TODAY: Fantastic Four Giant Size Adventures #1”

  1. #1 Torsten Adair
    on Jun 25th, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Fun stuff! 44 pages of comics, 4 pages of ads.

    Love your story! The “Hydrettes” are a supercool design! I want the action figure! (Or a GF willing to dress up, but where does one find green thigh-high boots?) Oooh…. pink stuffed animals! And loved the cameos! (Is that Go-Go?)