Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.00.57 AMSo this past Friday night, Paul and I went to the Eisner Award ceremony. And when the award for Best Digital Comic was announced, it went to Bandette! They gave us these awesome trophies, and while we were up there accepting them, I was so breathless I could barely speak. So I’m going to take the opportunity now to thank some people I didn’t have the capacity to mention then!

Chris Roberson and Allison Baker, publishers of Monkeybrain Comics. It is no exaggeration to say that Bandette would not exist without Monkeybrain.

Comixology. The free app that makes it all happen! Comixology has not only provided a format that makes Bandette look beautiful, whether you read it on you smart phone, on your tablet, or in your browser; they’ve also given Bandette a great deal of marketing support over the last year, including promotional giveaways that helped spread the word about our baby!

All the artists of the Urchin Stories. We have awesome friends who do awesome things, and we’ve managed to get some of them to draw short pieces which are posted on the Monkeybrain site for free between issues of Bandette, and we cannot thank them enough! The artists so far are:

Future Urchin Stories are in the works by a number of other great, talented people! Go HERE to see all the Urchin Stories available to date!

Dark Horse Comics. In large part due to editor Brendan Wright’s enthusiasm, Dark Horse is going to be making the first story arc of Bandette available as a beautiful hardcover book you will be able to hold in your hands!

Everyone who voted for us. You know who you are.

Our fellow nominees. The categories in the Eisner Awards this year were incredibly deep in nominations, and Best Digital was no exception. We are profoundly grateful to have been singled out among these excellent works, and I encourage everyone to go, read, and enjoy them:

Paul Tobin. Because everything.

Receiving this award was truly one of the most thrilling moments of my life. I am so honored by it, and by the other three nominations for Bandette. Thank you, everyone.

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