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Building A Panel


TODAY! Bandette #11 is available now from ComiXology! Daniel has been kidnapped! When her dear friend is snatched away without a trace, Bandette, the world’s greatest thief, will spare no resource to get him back! Urchins and allies are deployed! The rich and powerful are strong-armed! But WHO has taken Daniel? And HOW does his disappearance […]

BANDETTE #10 Available NOW!!

TODAY! Bandette #10!  We’re very pleased here at Bandette Central to have the newest digital issue available now from ComiXology! A new chapter begins in the brilliant career of Bandette, the greatest thief in the world! The scarlet-clad young adventuress enjoys a little light entertainment at the theatre, and comes away with a priceless treasure […]

Bandette Gets THREE 2015 Eisner Award Nominations!

Bandette has been nominated for the 2015 Eisner Comic Industry Award in the following categories! Best Continuing Series: Bandette, by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover (Monkeybrain) Best Digital/Webcomic: Bandette, by Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover, Monkeybrain/ Best Painter/Multimedia Artist: Colleen Coover, Bandette (Monkeybrain)    

Bandette Community Page Begins!

If you use Facebook and are a fan of Bandette, there is now a community page available for YOU to Like and Friend and Post to. It is a public page with moderated posts.

Bandette 9! New Urchin Story from Tobin & Farris!

TODAY! Bandette #9! That’s right, y’all! Digital episode number nine of Bandette is available in right now on Comixology for 99¢! When Bandette faces the combined evil of the crime lord Absinthe and his agent of death, Il Tredici, who will stand by her side? And, with his nefarious organization FINIS on the brink of collapse, […]

FREE! New Urchin Story By Tobin & Scherberger!

All-new! A new, three-page story featuring Daniel! Today’s Urchin Story is written by Paul Tobin, and drawn by Patrick Scherberger, who many will know from his previous collaborations with Paul, Dr. Doom And The Masters Of Evil and Spider-Man & The Secret Wars! As always, you can read ALL the Urchin Stories, by a variety of terrific artists, HERE. Many of those artists […]

Halloween Heist!

A young Bandette reader’s mother has sent photographic evidence of a candy theft in her family home last Friday. Unfortunately, the thief was forced to make due with an American off-brand candy bar, as her favorite treat, Chocobolik, does not exist. The thief escaped, of course.

FREE! New Urchin Story by TOBIN and CHAN!

All-new! All-BANDETTE! A new, three-page story featuring everyone’s favorite young thief! Today’s Urchin Story is written by Paul Tobin, and drawn by Ron Chan, artist from many comics including Plants vs. Zombies and Husbands, and the co-creator of the webcomic Roy’s Boys! We have more new Urchin Stories lined up in the coming weeks by more amazing artists! As […]

FREE! New Urchin Story by TOBIN & RANDALL! Also: NYCC

Today! A new three-page story featuring Bandette’s fiendish foe, Absinthe, just a little better! (Hint: he’s fiendish.) Written by Paul Tobin with art by Ron Randall, this story’s a little darker than your usual Urchin fare! If you’re in New York City this weekend for NYCC, be sure to stop by Ron’s exhibitor table– B12 in the […]

FREE! New Urchin Story by TOBIN and LENOX!

Bandette’s Urchin Stories are BACK! A new, three-page story starring a young Urchin named Simone goes live today, written by Paul Tobin, with art by Emi Lenox, creator of Emitown! We have several new Urchin Stories lined up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more delightful tales of the inhabitants of Bandette’s world, […]

Bandette 8! AVAILABLE NOW!

Sorry for shouting in the headline, there, But just to reiterate, the eighth episode of Bandette is available in glorious digital color right now on Comixology for 99¢! Has Inspector B.D. Belgique of the Special Police finally found the evidence he needs to bring down Absinthe and the FINIS crime syndicate once and for all? […]