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Bandette 8! AVAILABLE NOW!

Sorry for shouting in the headline, there, But just to reiterate, the eighth episode of Bandette is available in glorious digital color right now on Comixology for 99¢! Has Inspector B.D. Belgique of the Special Police finally found the evidence he needs to bring down Absinthe and the FINIS crime syndicate once and for all? […]

Wednesday Inking VIDEO

VIDEO below the BREAK

Bandette 7 LIVE NOW!

Today in my studio I am at work on the first few pages of Bandette #8.  Meanwhile, on the Internet… Bandette #7 is LIVE FOR SALE from Comixology YAYYYY!!!! (My arms are flapping in the air like Kermit the Frog’s) The Urchins are warned of a deadly threat! Monsieur is trapped in the act of a […]

FREE! New Urchin Story! By Tobin and Hay

Pimento returns in “The Jewel Of My Eye”! Written by Paul, with art by illustrator, sculptor, librarian and dinosaur enthusiast Sheli Hay! As always, you can read ALL the Urchin Stories HERE.

FREE! New Urchin Story! By Tobin and Bellwood!

“The Medal” stars Commander Pippins! Written by Paul, with art by the wildly talented Lucy Bellwood! As always, you can read ALL the Urchin Stories HERE.

Bandette Adventure Presto Time!!!

Look! It’s Wednesday, which means new comics! And this Wednesday, it means two new comics in particular! BANDETTE ISSUE SIX!!! Yes, fresh off the digital press via ComiXology, it’s the first issue of the second story arc of Bandette! Of course, if you have a subscription to Bandette, you already know this, because you got […]

On Her Way

Bandette issue 6 is on its way to the digitalizers at ComiXology! Keep an eye out for scheduling information, or subscribe now!

Pixels No More! Bandette Vol. One Hardcover TODAY!

Lovingly designed and published by the good people at Dark Horse Comics, this hardcover volume includes: The five existing episodes of Bandette The backup Urchin Stories, with art by Steve Lieber, Tina Kim, Jonathan Case, Jennifer Meyer, Alberto Alburquerque, Rich Ellis, Mitch Gerads, and Erika Moen A NEW prose Urchin Story starring Daniel, by Paul […]

Bandette! (Not So Fast!) URCHIN STORY! By Tobin and Hill!

Some people are able to buy the new Bandette hardcover collection TODAY! Some people are NOT. It was originally scheduled for November 6, but as far as I can tell, most stores in the USA won’t get deliveries until the 13th. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?!?     Probably not. However! A new Urchin Story is now available FREE! Go read it! […]

New BANDETTE Urchin Story by Tobin & Moen!

A new Urchin Story is now available FREE! Go read it! “And then…” stars Belda, the littlest Urchin, who we met briefly in Bandette #5! With art by superstar Erika Moen! As always, you can read ALL the Urchin Stories HERE.


So this past Friday night, Paul and I went to the Eisner Award ceremony. And when the award for Best Digital Comic was announced, it went to Bandette! They gave us these awesome trophies, and while we were up there accepting them, I was so breathless I could barely speak. So I’m going to take the […]

BANDETTE FIVE! Also: A New Urchin Story by Tobin & Gerads!

Available from Comixology TODAY! (And every day for the rest of time!) It’s Bandette number FIVE!!! Check out a preview of this and fellow Monkeybrain Comics title Skybreaker (third issue also available today) HERE. Buy Bandette HERE! Did you know that Comixology now has SUBSCRIPTIONS? I know, right? I’ve subscribed to several comics, including Batman 66 by my homies […]