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Today! Bandette #2!

Available TODAY from MonkeyBrain Comics!

And if you haven’t yet read Bandette #1, don’t worry! Just go here to buy it for 99¢ from ComiXology!


This Weekend in Seattle: JET CITY!

I’m going to be a guest at the Jet City Comic Show this Saturday, September 22! I’ve never been to this one-day show before, and I’m really looking forward to it! If you’re in Seattle, come on by!

Bandette 2 Character Sketch: Roland

Bandette 2 Character Sketches: Bad Guys

Bandette Issue 2 Roughs

Layouts/rough digital “pencils” for part of a page from Bandette #2, available soon from MonkeybrainComics.Com!

Mercury’s Progression

More Wolverine/Freddie Mercury pages! This one comes to us from MC Wolfman’s blogspot!

art by MC Wolfman

Alejandro Bruzzese posted this non-traditional bit of comics storytelling on his Tumblr. I like how he represents music visually!

art by Alejandro Bruzzese

And on Jason Wills’ Twitter, Freddie does not take any shit from Zombie Wolverine. POW!

art by Jason Wills

Talking ‘Bout Bandette

Bandette has been up and available for purchase for three weeks, now, and the Internet buzz has been mighty! We’ve had rave reviews from Comics Bulletin, The Weekly Crisis, Newsarama, The Comics Reporter, CBR, and lots of other places too numerous to list.

And now there’s an interview with Paul and me talking about our little thief over on the blog at!

If you haven’t checked out Bandette yet, go on over to ComiXology and check it out! It’s only 99¢! And if you already have spent your buck-less-a-penny, please take a moment to leave a rating so other people will be encouraged to do so as well!


Friday Sketch: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn! Ink and watercolor on paper. One of several pre-ordered con sketches I did for Heroes Con 2012 in Charlotte.

I’m at San Diego Comic Con right now! Tonight you can find me at Monkeybrain comics panel at 7pm in Room 4.

Thursday Sketch: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman! Ink and watercolor on paper. One of several pre-ordered con sketches I did for Heroes Con 2012 in Charlotte.

I’m on my way to San Diego Comic Con right now! You be able to find me tomorrow at the Monkeybrain comics panel Friday at 7pm in Room 4.

Wednesday Sindiecate: Love & Rockets

This week on the Sindiecate:

Los Bros HernandezJaime, Gilbert, and Mario—changed my life in the late 1980s. Their work in Love & Rockets showed me how the aesthetics of the kids’ comics I had grown up on (Archie, Harvey Comics, etc.) could be used to tell sophisticated, adult stories.

The original, self-published issue of Love & Rockets #1 was first sold by mail-order and at San Diego Comicon in 1982, thirty years ago. This week Los Bros are special guests at Comic-Con, and a panel celebrating their work will be held on Saturday!

1:30-3:00 30th Anniversary of Love and Rockets— For 30 years Los Bros Hernandez have entranced comics readers around the world with their adventures of Maggie, Hopey, Luba, and the entire Love and Rockets cast of characters. Comic-Con special guests Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, and Mario Hernandez join with Fantagraphics Books co-publisher Gary Groth to talk about this award-winning series of comics and its decades-spanning durability. Room 24ABC

Tuesday Sketch: Thor Frog

Thor Frog! Ink and watercolor on paper. One of several pre-ordered con sketches I did for Heroes Con 2012 in Charlotte.

I’ll be attending part of San Diego Comic Con this year, but I’m not appearing anywhere other than at the Monkeybrain comics panel Friday at 7pm in Room 4.

Making Bandette

A lot of people have asked me what media I used to draw Paul Tobin’s and my new digital comic Bandette. Well, wonder no longer!

1. The first step is rough layouts ,which I do digitally in Manga Studio. It doesn’t look like much.

2. In the same program, I tighten up the layouts, essentially “penciling” the page digitally. Those “pencils” are then printed out in blue ink on bristol bond paper.

3. I then draw with ink wash (that’s layers of watered-down ink) over the printed blue lines.

4. (Technical Photoshop stuff in the next steps!) I make an RGB color scan of the art, and use Photoshop to drop out the blue lines by deleting the Green and Cyan channels. What’s left is the Magenta channel, which looks gray without its buddies. I convert the image to Grayscale, and then back to RGB. Then I adjust the image levels so the bits that are meant to be white are white, and the bits that are meant to be black are black!

5. I then colorize the gray inks, giving it a sepia tone. I set the layer properties to Multiply, which basically means you can see though to the image layer below.

6. I color the image on the layer below the inks (actually, I use several layers, but this is what it ends up looking like without the inks visible).

7. Letters and panel borders go on top of everything else. And there you have it! It’s a comic!

Bandette is published digitally by Monkeybrain Comics; available NOW for 99¢ from ComiXology.