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Tuesday Sketch: Slim

Monday Sketch: Sleep

Mercury Completes Orbit: Original Artist REVEALED!

Detail from art by Jesse Hamm

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and Periscope Studio-mate Jesse Hamm posted the ULTIMATE incarnation of the meeting of Wolverine and Freddie Mercury in an epic three-page strip . Take a moment to head over to Jesse’s blog and click through the pages. Go on, we’ll be here when you come back.

Ha! Awesome, right? But what is MORE awesome is the following exchange on a Facebook comics group (click to embiggen):

That’s right! Rob Marsh came forth and revealed himself as the artist who created the original Wolverine/Freddie Mercury page submitted to Marvel twenty years ago! The page that would eventually inspire me and others to explore the mystery of the meeting of those two great men; one a fictional anti-hero archetype, the other a larger-than-life rock icon lost too soon.

Thanks, Jesse Hamm. Thanks, everyone who participated in this exercise in comics storytelling (See here and here). Thanks, Steve Bunche, who first posted the original page that got this ball rolling in my head.

And a very heartfelt thank you to Rob Marsh for loving the art of comics enough to keep submitting samples in the face of rejection letters, without which dedication none of this would have been possible.

It’s a kind of magic.

Meanwhile… a FREE Bandette Short!

Art by Steve Lieber

So you have both episodes of Bandette by Paul Tobin and me, and you’re patiently waiting for more, right? I am working hard to bring you episode three, but in the meantime…

Take yourself on over to MonkeyBrainComics.Com and help yourself to a FREE short comic featuring Inspector B.D. Belgique, written by Paul with guest art by the lovely and talented Mr. Steve Lieber!



First of a series of projected shorts by guest artists featuring the many side characters from Bandette! Because we love you!


Today! Bandette #2!

Available TODAY from MonkeyBrain Comics!

And if you haven’t yet read Bandette #1, don’t worry! Just go here to buy it for 99¢ from ComiXology!


This Weekend in Seattle: JET CITY!

I’m going to be a guest at the Jet City Comic Show this Saturday, September 22! I’ve never been to this one-day show before, and I’m really looking forward to it! If you’re in Seattle, come on by!

Bandette 2 Character Sketch: Roland

Bandette 2 Character Sketches: Bad Guys

Bandette Issue 2 Roughs

Layouts/rough digital “pencils” for part of a page from Bandette #2, available soon from MonkeybrainComics.Com!

Mercury’s Progression

More Wolverine/Freddie Mercury pages! This one comes to us from MC Wolfman’s blogspot!

art by MC Wolfman

Alejandro Bruzzese posted this non-traditional bit of comics storytelling on his Tumblr. I like how he represents music visually!

art by Alejandro Bruzzese

And on Jason Wills’ Twitter, Freddie does not take any shit from Zombie Wolverine. POW!

art by Jason Wills

Talking ‘Bout Bandette

Bandette has been up and available for purchase for three weeks, now, and the Internet buzz has been mighty! We’ve had rave reviews from Comics Bulletin, The Weekly Crisis, Newsarama, The Comics Reporter, CBR, and lots of other places too numerous to list.

And now there’s an interview with Paul and me talking about our little thief over on the blog at!

If you haven’t checked out Bandette yet, go on over to ComiXology and check it out! It’s only 99¢! And if you already have spent your buck-less-a-penny, please take a moment to leave a rating so other people will be encouraged to do so as well!


Friday Sketch: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn! Ink and watercolor on paper. One of several pre-ordered con sketches I did for Heroes Con 2012 in Charlotte.

I’m at San Diego Comic Con right now! Tonight you can find me at Monkeybrain comics panel at 7pm in Room 4.