Fabulous Fonts

In the Credit Where Credit Is Due department, I now sing the praises of typographer Ray Larabie, whose large inventory of free, commercially licensed title fonts has come to my rescue on several recent occasions.


The Stereofidelic font

I used his high-energy “Stereofidelic” font for the title of a 9-page story in Fantastic Four Giant Size Adventures #1, written by Paul Tobin and starring Sue Storm and Misty Knight.

The Engebrechtre font

The Engebrechtre font

The “Engebrechtre” font lends class to the title of my upcoming solo five-page Pet Avengers spinoff story, which will be available online at Marvel.com soon.

The elegant “Euphorigenic” font will grace the backs of a set of notecards I am putting together for my table at San Diego Comic Con. The cards will be featuring the six illustrations I blogged on May 18 in the “Larking About” post.

U R here

The Euphorigenic font

Ray Larabie’s free fonts are available through his site LarabieFonts.com. His higher-end pay fonts and professional typographic services are available at Typodermic. Become a fan of Typodermic on Facebook.

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