That Plucky Drew Girl


The three young sleuths find themselves in a tight spot! Click on the image to view a larger version.

I recently did a commission drawing of everyone’s favorite girl detective, Nancy Drew! It’s a scene from Nancy Drew Mystery Stories No. 65, Mystery of the Winged Lion. The piece is based on the original illustration from the book, described in the following passage:

Nancy also tried to shriek but to no avail as a gag was quickly drawn over her mouth and she was thrown face down alongside George on something soft and tufted like a quilt. The girls’ wrists and ankles were tied next. Then the men left, closing the door after them and locking it.

Nancy’s other friend in detection, Bess, is also captured and bound in the locked room. With characteristic patience and determination, all three girls keep their heads cool and manage to make good their escape. Hooray!

In case you’re wondering, I do accept commissions when my schedule allows it. (I’ll be adding information about that to the Contact page on this site soon.) This piece’s subject matter is as racy as I will ever draw of a character I do not own. I must say it was a real hoot to do this one!

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