Some Things I’ve Never Done Before

NOT a cameo of NFL Super Pro. Sorry, fans.

NOT a cameo of NFL Super Pro. Sorry, fans.

For my latest Marvel Comics strip, a short Secret Origin story in the upcoming first issue of Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers, I got to do THREE things I’ve never done before:

1) Draw football. It’s just never come up before.

2) Work with writer Chris Eliopoulos, creator of the webcomic Misery Loves Sherman and writer/artist/etc. of Franklin Richards specials. (Not to be confused with Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos, my long-time internet pal, also a very fine comics artist/illustrator/animator!) Working with a new writer is always a challenge and a pleasure, because it forces me to think in an unfamiliar way about how to tell this person’s story visually, which helps keep me on my creative toes!

3) Share art duties on a comic with Ig Guara, whose brilliance I have long since admired and envied. I’ve had the privilege of seeing his pencils for Marvel Adventures Avengers whenever he sends them in to Paul, and we always huddle around the screen saying “Ooh! Ahhh!” because they’re just so damn GOOD.

Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers #1! In stores May 6.

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