Bandette_11_FINAL_a01_webTODAY! Bandette #11 is available now from ComiXology!

Daniel has been kidnapped! When her dear friend is snatched away without a trace, Bandette, the world’s greatest thief, will spare no resource to get him back! Urchins and allies are deployed! The rich and powerful are strong-armed! But WHO has taken Daniel? And HOW does his disappearance relate to the search for THE HOUSE OF THE GREEN MASK?

Like always, all the previous episodes are also available for the same 99¢ price on Comixology, (except #1, which as I write is STILL available FREE!) That means you can read the entire Bandette story for LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS WUT.


Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.50.30 AMIf you prefer to hold a book in your hands when you read, you may enjoy the hardbound Bandette Volume One: Presto!, and Bandette Volume Two: Stealers, Keepers!, which are available in stores and online everywhere!



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