Bandette 8! AVAILABLE NOW!

Bandette_cover_08_webSorry for shouting in the headline, there, But just to reiterate, the eighth episode of Bandette is available in glorious digital color right now on Comixology for 99¢!

Has Inspector B.D. Belgique of the Special Police finally found the evidence he needs to bring down Absinthe and the FINIS crime syndicate once and for all? Will the insidious Absinthe discover the betrayal from his own inner circle? Will Bandette, the world’s greatest thief, face the deadly strangler known as Il Tredici… ALONE? And, just what is… the secret of the wardrobe? Plus: candy bars and a pirate!

Of course, all the previous episodes are also available for the same 99¢ price on Comixology, published by the good people of Monkeybrain Comics, who would like you to look at the many other fine independent, creator-owned comics they offer.

Meanwhile, if paper’s your bag, you may want to look into acquiring the hardbound Bandette Volume One: Presto!, which is available from stores everywhere, for the highly affordable price of $14.99USD. (If you should happen to buy it online, do take a moment to leave a review, please.)

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