Delayed Solace


He's all dirty and sweaty here, but he cleans up nice later.

You know how sometimes you can like the idea of something, but not really like the thing itself? Yeah, that’s how it was with me and James Bond, until I saw Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. There was this great character who used his wit, power, and sexuality to deal with big international conspiracies, but he had been this goofy joke of a hero in the movies my whole life. With Casino, all the silly tropes got left behind and we were left with a really great action movie.

Paul and I finally went to see Quantum Of Solace the other night at our local second-run theater pub. We are not big on going to films in their first weeks, and I find that a pint of beer makes any movie that much more enjoyable. I was worried that I would be disappointed, because I had gotten the impression that a lot of people had found Solace to be a bit meh. But no! It was fun! Not quite as tight in the plot as Casino and the action scenes were edited a bit more choppily, but it kept moving right along, Craig played it cool with an edge of rage, and I was never bored. I was particularly satisfied with a scene that tidied up a loose end that had been bugging me from Casino; one that gave Bond the infinitesimal bit of solace referred to in the title. The opening credit sequence of purple shadows over golden sand made me nostalgic for old Omni magazines, not entirely in a good way. I came away from the theater happy.

As if to accentuate the contrast between Bonds, the ION network has been showing a 007 marathon of Roger Moore’s more dubious achievements. Tonight I watched the tail end of A View To A Kill and the pre-title sequence of Octopussy. HAW!

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