Inauguration Attendees, Hear My Plea.

The tip of the iceburg.

The tip of the iceburg. Photo stolen from loricwilson on Flickr.

WootLike most Americans, I have been counting the days until we have a new President; one who by all indications, knows how to sit up straight and utter complete sentences. And like many, I have been following the President Elect’s every move with a starry-eyed fanatical guilt (“Why can’t the press give that poor family a little privacy?… Oh look how cute Sasha’s little school outfit is!!!)

So many millions of people are planning to travel to Washington for the inauguration that hotels and guest rooms are booked up for miles around. The President who does NOT know how to sit up straight has declared a state of emergency to release federal funds to help maintain order. I will be celebrating from a safe distance of several thousand miles, but I have a request for all the party-goers in D.C.

Please pick up your trash.

I don’t mean find a trash can already overflowing with crap and balance your newly Obama-ized can of Pepsi on top of the heap. THAT WILL NOT HELP. There are not enough trash cans in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware to take care of all that detritus. I mean take it with you. Behave as you would if you were on a hike in the wilderness and pack it out. Thanks.

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