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Posts from ‘December, 2012’

Wednesday Sketch: Albin

Bandette Warm-up Sketch: Pimento

Friday Sketch: B.D Belgique

Thursday Sketch: Mock Turtleneck

Tuesday Sketch: Man Running

Monday Sketch: Bandette warm-up

A quick sketch to warm up before diving into work on Bandette #4!

Friday Sketch: Margaret

Thursday Sketch: Air

Bandette 3 Is Out Today! And Now, A Color Process Post

The third issue of Bandette hits your Comixology reader platform of choice today! As usual, the adventures of the mischievous thief are only 99¢, so get on over to Comixology now! I did a process post on the art of Bandette a few months ago, but some people have asked for more specifics on how […]

Tuesday Sketch: Slim

Monday Sketch: Sleep

Mercury Completes Orbit: Original Artist REVEALED!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and Periscope Studio-mate Jesse Hamm posted the ULTIMATE incarnation of the meeting of Wolverine and Freddie Mercury in an epic three-page strip . Take a moment to head over to Jesse’s blog and click through the pages. Go on, we’ll be here when you come back. Ha! Awesome, right? But what […]