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Posts from ‘May, 2012’

Wednesday Sindiecate: Richard Stark’s PARKER

This week on the Sindiecate: Richard Stark’s PARKER, adapted by Darwyn Cooke.

Prepare To Preorder!

Oh HEY! Paul Tobin’s new novel Prepare To Die! is now available for preorder for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks!

Thursday Sketch: Another New Character

Here’s another round of character sketches from the new seekrit comics project Paul Tobin and I are working on RIGHT NOW. We’ll be announcing this thing this summer! See other sketches from this story here, here, and here. Digital sketch in Manga Studio.

Wednesday Sindiecate: Marshal Law

This week on the Sindiecate: Marshal Law! created by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill.

Wednesday Sindiecate: Invincible

This week on the Sindiecate: It’s Invincible! Created by @RobertKirkman @corenthal and @RyanOttley. I’m using real-world ink and paper this week, colored with Photoshop.


Quick! I don’t know how long this coupon is good for! My gay prose romance short story Home Port is available from Kobo for 50% off with the coupon code Regg50us36 DRM free, so you can read it on whatever you read ebooks on.


When I’m not busy encouraging the Internet to reimagine a meeting between clawed mutants and legendary rock gods, you can find me: Preparing for Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, June 22-24. Accepting pre-orders for con sketches now! Updating weekly to the Sindiecate art blog! Working on a follow-up story to my prose romance short story, […]

Mercury Ascendant

So the past couple of weeks, my Internet energies have been pretty much used up on Tumblr, where I’ve been unofficially curating the Wolverine/Freddie Mercury recreation pages that have popped up since my post on April 23. I thought it was time I bring them all together. Below are all the variations on the page […]