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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Wonder Girl

(The blonde one.) Another recent commission!


I am this week’s guest on Chris Sims and Eugene Ahn‘s comics podcast War Rocket Ajax! Download! Listen! Illustration by Rusty Shackles.

Last Chance To Bid For Sight

Only ten FIVE hours ONE HOUR left to bid! Three 6″X9″ watercolor & ink sketches by me, auctioning separately, are on eBay to benefit Comix 4 Sight! Bidding is over! And you know, if we had civilized health insurance in this country that covered everything, rather than forcing people who pay premiums each month to […]

Man-Thing & Man-Thing

I found a couple of old doodles of everyone’s favorite suggestively-named swamp monster in my drawer. This one’s by my studio-mate and oft-times collaborator, writer Jeff Parker. It was probably done while he was scripting an issue of X-Men: First Class. … And then I found mine:


My latest commission, for Mr. Kevin Church. By the way, I support Marvel’s ban on smoking in its comics. Smoking is not cool and I don’t understand why people still do it. But this ain’t a comic book, and J. Jonah Jameson smokes a cigar.

Bid For Sight

Three 6″X9″ watercolor & ink sketches by me are on eBay to benefit Comix 4 Sight! (Click on this link to see all auctions for this benefit.) Comix 4 Sight is a benefit to help veteran comics writer John Ostrander pay for surgeries not covered by his health insurance, but necessary to prevent his losing […]


Some of the first character sketches I did to figure out what the Scarlet Witch was going to look like:

Brotherhood Of Evil Sketches

The first Comic strip I did for Marvel was a half-page written by Jeff Parker starring Magneto! And in the next strip, also by Parker, men feared the Blob! Apparently there was a day sometime in the past when I thought I was going to need to draw the Toad. (I never did.) UPDATE: The […]

Baby Octopus