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I *HEART* Richard Stark’s THE HUNTER by Darwyn Cooke

Got my little fangirl hands on someone’s advance reader’s edition of Richard Stark’s The Hunter graphic novel, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. After devouring it like a box of delicious caramels laced with sea-salt (mmmmm…. ) I sprang to … Continue reading

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TODAY: Fantastic Four Giant Size Adventures #1

TODAY! The giant-size book with the giant-size title hits the stands. Written by Paul Tobin, it puts the lid on his run as writer of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. For this occasion, he teamed up with fellow Periscope Studio members … Continue reading

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Periscope Shows (Hero) Initiative

Having finally finished the last loving little details on our Wolverine sketch covers for the Hero Initiative, the participating Periscopians gathered to document the event before sending the comics on their way to make large dollars for charity. Go to … Continue reading

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Summer At Blandings

Another literary piece for the Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time! collection. This time, it’s a digital painting of some of the residents of P.G. Wodehouse’s Blandings Castle. (I finally got to make use of some of the custom shapes … Continue reading

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Fabulous Fonts

In the Credit Where Credit Is Due department, I now sing the praises of typographer Ray Larabie, whose large inventory of free, commercially licensed title fonts has come to my rescue on several recent occasions. I used his high-energy “Stereofidelic” … Continue reading

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Like A Million Exploding Suns

Today the trade paperback collection of the 6-issue series The Age Of The Sentry hits store shelves. AOS was one of the most unabashedly fun projects I’ve worked on; Paul and Parker wrote as if they were mediums channeling the … Continue reading

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