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Hulk Spaz!

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This Was Stumptown 2009

Because I didn’t exhibit at this year’s Fest, I was actually able to walk around, see things, and take pictures!

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This Weekend: STUMPTOWN!

It’s time once again for Stumptown Comics Fest, where cartoonists from Portland and far beyond come together for a celebration of all things comics. I’m not exhibiting this year, but with admission at only $6, and the location a 15-minute … Continue reading

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So That’s How My iSight Camera Works

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The Importance of Being… JACK! Oh!

My latest contribution to “Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!”— Steven Gettis’ awesome art collection, is from… Oscar Wilde! Give yourself a treat and take the time to browse through Steven’s long list of illustrators’ interpretations of literary figures and … Continue reading

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Bibliographyphaeliacs, Assemble!

One of the questions I was asked pretty often at Emerald City Comic Con was “Oh, you’re doing work for Marvel? Where?” To which I would have to fumble for an answer: “Uh, there was a backup in this series… … Continue reading

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All The Ladies In The House Say “YEAH!”

“Un-Enchanted Evening”, the full-length story Paul and I did last year for King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special #1, will see print again on April 29 in the Spider-Man: Spider-Women Digest! For those who do not recall, in this story Mary Jane … Continue reading

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Tigra! Tigra!

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Home From Emerald City

Once again the Emerald City Comic Con was a great success! I did a ton of sketches for people– sadly, had to turn down a few requests for fear of running out of time. And I was only able to … Continue reading

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We’re Off!

… on the road to Seattle, for the Emerald City Comic Con! Almost the entire Periscope crew will be piling onto a train this afternoon for the three-hour trip to one of the nicest conventions I know. I expect we’ll … Continue reading

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A GentleBull at Leisure

I recently did this portrait of Bully The Little Stuffed Bull, blogger of all things fun. If you like fun things, and fun comics in particular, do pop over and read his posts. Be sure to look at his photos, … Continue reading

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