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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Delayed Solace

You know how sometimes you can like the idea of something, but not really like the thing itself? Yeah, that’s how it was with me and James Bond, until I saw Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. There was this great character who used his wit, power, and sexuality to deal with big international conspiracies, but […]

The New Harpy

While I was drawing the first panels featuring new villainess Edna Blackquill, Paul came over to my table and said, “You must be doing a good job, because just looking at her makes me want to smack her.” Success! Edna, a newspaper gossip columnist and all-around Bad Egg, makes her debut as May Parker’s arch-nemesis […]

Oh, Happy Day!

I cannot express the joy I feel in anticipation to Barack Obama’s swearing in today as President of the United States. I believe it is a moment that is equal to much more than the sum of its parts, and I have great hope that it will have a positive impact on the psyche of […]


Dear Internet: I am now on Twitter. Just letting you know. Love, Colleen.

Freelancers: Bookmark This!

My studiomate Dylan Meconis points me to possibly THE MOST USEFUL NEW BLOG FOR FREELANCERS TO FOLLOW. Work Made For Hire blogger Katie Lane is an Information Technology contract negotiator and friend to many Portland comic book artists and illustrators. Her sage advice will be sure to help illustrators stay out of ugly business arrangements […]

Inauguration Attendees, Hear My Plea.

Like most Americans, I have been counting the days until we have a new President; one who by all indications, knows how to sit up straight and utter complete sentences. And like many, I have been following the President Elect’s every move with a starry-eyed fanatical guilt (“Why can’t the press give that poor family […]

Sinister SIX? You only need ONE Doom.

My good buddy Rich Ellis has been posting weekly “sketches” that are actually awesome fully-rendered illustrations on his sketch blog– this week inspired by Paul‘s upcoming mini-series Doctor Doom And The Masters Of Evil.

Designed For Death

I bought a bunch of mouse traps yesterday, and I was struck by the elegance of the Victor Trap logo. Big red V framing iconic (but not too cute) mouse head. That’s design that says “Efficient Rodent Death.” I could do without the cheap plastic “cheese” trigger, though. Anyone who reads this and feels sorry […]


Another image found on an old CD! I don’t remember drawing it, I don’t remember coloring it, I know it wasn’t for anything in particular. I’m so glad I found it.


Going through some old image files in a pile of CDs I made during a computer crash a couple of years ago, I came across this cartoon I did for a Fantagraphics anniversary booklet, benefiting the CBDLF, I think. I had forgotten all about it!